Cats, blues and the press.


Image by Chris 2.0

Schrödinger’s Cat Sings the Blues
via panta rei on flickr

we are all
schrödinger’s cats
waiting for the box to open

howling in the dark
screaming into the ambiguity
of our existence

yearning for and dreading
the certainty of what we are

waiting for someone to free us
from the prison
of endless possibilities

someone who lifts the lid above us
and lets the blue floodlight
of the moon fall upon us

to grant us the mercy of knowing
if we are alive or dead

For some reason every feed I subscribe to seems to have referred to The Wire at some point or the other. It has got to the point that I’m seriously considering downloading a couple of episodes.

After spending the past six years reading primarily The Toronto Star and various other N. American publications, I have come to the realization I have been deprived of all global news and all is definitely much worse than previously thought. Observation made after merely 1 week of feed subscription to Dawn. Apparently the Dutch are suffering casualties on a regular basis in Afghanistan and Afghanistan based Canadians seem to be wounded every other day. Surprisingly only the deaths make front page news now days. Also it’s refreshing to go cover to cover without having to see the phrase “War on Terror”.

My life seems to currently revolve around Schrödinger’s cat which basically deals with the concept of being alive and dead at the same time as long as no one knows whether you’re alive or dead which sorta takes the fun out of it. Eitherways it has something to do with particles, waves and eigenstates which I won’t get into right now. Gist being I’m currently reading a book called Schrödinger’s Ball and everywhere I go this seems to crop up. I think it’s some sort of curse associated with reading books. Whatever you’re currently reading will influence your life for the next couple of months.

Everyone loved The Departed yes? I thought it was a clichéd mob movie even though it was pretty good cinematically. Surprisingly Jack Nicholson faded into the background and Mark Wahlberg made a mark for himself. In addition I realized I really don’t give Alec Baldwin enough credit. I am now extremely tempted to watch 30 Rock.

On a side note doesn’t Martin Sheen look eerily like Donald Trump?


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